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5 kopecks in 1943

Coin description

On the obverse of 5 kopecks in 1943, the national emblem of the country is depicted in the center of the coin. In the center of the coat of arms is a hammer and sickle, with the globe on their background. From below, the globe is illuminated by the rays of the sun, to the right and left of it are the envelope stalks of wheat. The ears are divided into identical bundles and wrapped with a ribbon, there are 11 such bands. The tips of the ears approach each other and there is a star between them. The abbreviation of the state "USSR" is placed under the coat of arms, the letters of the abbreviation have a stepped arrangement, their shape is rectangular with rounding at the edges.

On reverse 5 cents 1943 the value "5" is set in the upper paludisme, the height of the figure "5" a little less than half the diameter of the whole coin. Immediately below it is the word "kopek" and below is the year of issue- "1943", under the year is a decorative point. Along the circumference of the coin, along the edge are placed ears of wheat, the stems of which intersect at the bottom and form a circular rim.

The surface of the gurta at five kopecks in 1943 is ribbed, the notches are made vertically.

Characteristics of coins

Face value: 5 kopecks
Year of manufacture: 1943
Metal: Aluminum bronze
Circulation: unknown
Weight: 5 grams
Diameter: 25 mm
Edge: ribbed
Average coin price: 243 rubles.

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